Awakening Unity with Horse
An Epic E- BOOK

Finally Revealed!

For the first time with such stunning, ground-breaking clarity,

The True Spiritual Purpose
of the Horse-Human Bond!

Set alongside dazzling equine photography


Designed to give you, the open-hearted reader,
a profound energetic activation that will help propel you forward on
your own path of awakening,

As well as sparking your brand new, soul-level relationship with Horse,
which you'll begin building right away
with over 90 minutes of Guided Audio Mp3 Exercises
that accompany this e-book.

A New Paradigm-Shattering,
Soul-Searing Gem of an E-Book

Unity with Horse

"Beautifully written...beautifully illustrated!
Dr. Oikle's story gets your attention right out the start gate and keeps you spellbound until you turn the very last page. Prepare to be reunited with your sacred inner child as Horse speaks to you. Listen with your heart!"
~ Sherry L. Ackerman, Ph.D.; author, Dressage in the Fourth Dimension

Are You Ready for a Thrilling,
Epic Ride with Horse?

What if Horse wasn't just a gorgeous athlete, filled with power, grace, and freedom,
but they agreed to serve a much deeper, spiritual role with his Brothers and Sisters, Humans?

Discover the Truth about Horses in this ground-breaking and enchanting e-book narrated by Jasper, Spokeshorse for the Spirit Horse Herd.

Through the Voice of Horse, you're taken on an exhilarating gallop through time and space to uncover the magical, Ancient Agreement that has always existed between horse and human. Along the way, you'll catch an intriguing glimpse of the future relationship between human and his ever faithful companion, Horse.

In addition, the secret Sacred Covenant will be revealed for the first time ever! Discover how horse is assisting Humanity in making the leap to the Divine Human so you can experience Heaven on Earth.

All that's asked of you, dear reader, is this:
Are you willing to shed your limitations,
in favor of a spine-tingling journey
to the Magnificence of Who You Really Are?

If so, you're in for an epic voyage that will touch your heart and soul in long forgotten places- igniting in you an deep desire to reclaim your True Self and become One with all that surrounds you. Accept this remarkable gift to help awaken your child-like remembrance of the Unity inherent in all of life.

Once the message of this spell-binding book touches your heart, you will never, ever be able to look at Horse, or yourself, the same way again.

Instead, should you invite him,
Horse will become your soul's Insightful Escort,
accompanying you towards healing and awakening.

In fact, this captivating mix of Message and Art is designed to give you a profound energetic activation which will propel you along your path of evolution. Enjoy this empowering e-book as one powerful tool to aid your own journey of awakening. Plus, with 5 powerful, profound Guided Exercises you'll have private access to over 90 minutes of downloadable MP3 Guided Tools which have *never before* been shared.

If You've Found Your Way to This Site, There is No Mistake!
The Horses are Inviting YOU to Come for a Heart-Opening, Life-Altering Ride Right Now!

Give Yourself this Enchanting Gift of Inspiration, Healing, and Awakening!

Awakening Unity with Horse
Downloadable E-Book in PDF format,
Read on your computer, print & enjoy, or read on any e-reader device!
85 pages, with 5 MP3 Guided Exercises, over 90 minutes of audio.

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Praise for
Awakening Unity with Horse

“This is a book to truly open your heart to a higher understanding of not just horses, but of yourself.

The horse has spoken and we must listen for time is running out to make changes to how we treat horses and the environment. The horse is our soul guide, and through this book you will find out what your soul wants you to do.

I shall keep this terrific and profound book by my bedside for both inspiration and confirmation about the right pathway to follow in life."

~ Margrit Coates, The world's leading animal healing and communicator. Author of Healing for Horses, Horses Talking and Connecting with Horses. Margrit lectures and teaches equine healing and communication around the world and has been a featured expert in several TV programmes.

Truly grounding and inspiring, Awakening Unity with Horse should be a companion book found in everyone’s back pocket. Dr. Oikle tells the story of the horse-human connection in a fresh way, resonating with all horse enthusiasts, capturing a relational history that transcends time and place, and asking the reader to reach out and plug in to the centering energy that is Horse.

~ Mary Nicoll, Graduate Student, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology: Wilderness Therapy, Naropa University

“I've already had the pleasure and joy of being with the wonderful horses on Dr. Jenn's ranch, and have felt their loving and forgiving energy. I've witnessed it help transform me and heal me, and have felt that ancient connection that this book so lovingly and insightfully describes. I shed tears on numerous occasions as I read the divine message within this book, so much resonated with what I already felt to be true. What a powerful and beautiful reminder of our deep connection to Horse and to all of life."

~ Gavin Hughes, Shamanic Practitioner, Shamanic Mask Maker, White Raven Mystic Arts

“Awakening Unity with Horse is an open door, a lighted path of exceptional wisdom and beauty that offers the assistance we humans need right now as our consciousness continues to rapidly expand into a new era of peace, compassion, and unity with all beings. Horse, through Jasper, is the ancient connection so essential as humanity moves to the very center of the Divine Heart. Jasper’s words will take your breath away.

~ Rita Reynolds, author of Blessing The Bridge, What Animals Teach us About Death, Dying, and Beyond and Ask the Cow, A Gentle Guide to Finding Peace.

"I am deeply moved by the words of Jasper's message, and even more so by my visceral response to the call to collective unity, power, and play. It's a stunning expression of what is possible when we open our hearts and minds to the truth of our spirit and allow that wholeness of our wisdom to come forth. From that place, let us walk as brothers!"

~ Rachel Dexheimer, Certified Professional Coach & Certified Equine Guided Educator,

"Beautifully and simply written: Really a reminder of our profound partnership with horses. I agree whole heartedly that Horses are offering us their guidance, wisdom, and hearts as we traverse this next step in human evolution towards our realized divinity.

~ Kathleen Barry Ingram, MA,

“I found Jasper's message inspired and hopeful. His heart to heart connecting glimpses of the GodHead - Ground of All Being present and operational in us as we "listen listen listen and allow allow allow full expression of our mutual gifts" so resonates with my own experiences of horses.

My sense is horses are facilitating our co-evolution into the Well Being of which Jasper speaks and I found his words precious comfort in guiding us through this portal of change.”

~ Barbara Rector,

"The messages of this beautiful collaborative gift to the world has been my personal experience since meeting Chasta, the golden mare who came to me in midlife to truly introduce me to myself. I am one of many in this vast and wondrous human herd called to help expand the healing messages that horses are offering us at a time of great uncertainty and immense hope. If you are fortunate enough to have this tender volume find you, know that it will be your gift to contemplate and touch the depths of your soul. Please savor and pass it on. The time has come to release great uncertainy and accept immense hope."

~ Constance Funk , Author of Beauty from Brokenness and Holy as Thou,

“Awakening Unity with Horse will inspire you to once again “dance with the horse”. Horses have always represented strength, magic and spirit to man. This book invites you to discover that deep, spiritual dance that will help you ascend to your next level of growth and spirituality. Through this adventure your true authentic self will be revealed.”

~ Marguerite Ham, CEO (Chief Energizing Officer) of Igniting Success,

"Everything I have been called to do over the past few years reflects this message: The horses are calling us one by one, lifting our vibration to a time and place where we will again resonate in conscious connection with the one force of creation in all life. Interesting Chasta talked about the bees as that is how I see the love force, warm and golden, with a soft buzzing, forming into clouds by our intent and covering like a swarm. I too have seen Jasper, have been invited by the voice of the horse collective to bring forth the consciousness of HORSE. I was given this yesterday, minutes before the arrival of your manuscript. How can we doubt that there is only one consciousness. As my horses say: "You and I can change the world -one mind at a time, IMAGINE!"

~ Liz Mitten Ryan, author of One with the Herd, Life Unbridled, The Truth According to Horses, Sabbatical,

“An inspiring read with a magnificent message of hope and promise. Jennifer and her equine muse have conceived a book of lucid, uplifting prose.

We live in a world of such rapid change and yet the biggest changes are happening within our hearts and souls. As more and more people learn the truth of relationship - to themselves, to their horses, to others and indeed to all things, we will surely reach the tipping point of human consciousness of which the books speaks.

Jennifer talks of her personal transformation and the mere existence of this book is testament to this. Read the stories, get inspired, spend time with our equine partners, become more horse conscious and then look within. It is time to cast aside thoughts of suspicion and doubt and open ourselves up to the possibility of what might be, what could be, and what is.

~ Mark Mottershead, Founder – HorseConscious: The new paradigm in horse human relationships,

“Horses have carried us through centuries, revealing the secrets of our hearts and our connection to the world around us. Now, with their most challenging mission of all, horses are our guides on a new journey; one of self discovery, authenticity and unconditional love. Through Dr. Jenn, Jasper’s message speaks to all who choose to listen, and is brought to life beautifully in this book.”

~ Anna Twinney, Founder of Reach Out to Horses®, Natural Horsemanship, Reiki Master, and Animal Communicator,

I am inspired by the heartfelt work of one who speaks for the horse and the great wisdom that he shares. The nugget of wisdom and truth that melts my soul from the poetic the words on every page is the power of patience. To be patient, to wait for one to catch up to the other, the give and take of patiently waiting to share with another releases one from the stress of time knowing that a promise of a hope eternal – waits.

~ Joyce Leake, Animal Communicator and founder of

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