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Meet the Authors of Spiritual Adventures with Horse!

Sherry L. Ackerman, Ph.D., is a Professor of Philosophy, as well as an internationally acclaimed dressage clinician.  

Dr. Ackerman is one of the American dressage industry’s leading proponents of dressage as a philosophical, spiritual, and artistic practice and of animal spirituality.  

Dr. Ackerman lives at the foot of Mount Shasta, in California.
As author of Dressage in the Fourth Dimension, she attempts in the silence of the woods to practice what her book teaches.  Living quietly with her horses and books, she studies, rides and writes, with a keen interest in applying philosophy to lived life.

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Ainsley Beauchamp has been learning from horses for 35 years, and is currently living and working with them in the mountains of British Columbia.

Gravitating to horses out of a passionate need as a young teen, she found that they are healing spirits with enormous capacity to teach.  Travis wasn’t Ainsley’s first spiritual adventure with a horse, but certainly one of the most profound.

Over the years horses have opened pathways for healing the body, mind and soul she once couldn’t have guessed existed.  She’s found that she’s a far more whole, more holistic person because of time spent with them; in learning to interact with her own horses on an energetic playing field she’s discovered that they respond with uncanny sensitivity.  
Horses show themselves to be more peaceful,
willing and trustworthy.  These are the lessons she’s bringing to others.

Ainsley offers Lodge and Inn-to-Inn rides for experienced riders, lessons and workshops.  As an Advanced PSYCH-Kâ Facilitator, she is one of the few people worldwide to combine PSYCH-Kâ with horses, focusing on changing limiting beliefs, developing confidence and on the mind/body connection in horsemanship.

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Kerry Borcherding, MA, has spent her life in the company of horses and has personally experienced the healing power inherent in them.  Because of this, Kerry is passionate and committed to bringing horses and humans into relationship, whether through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy or Yoga with Horses.

It is her belief that building a relationship with a horse will deepen your relationship with your Self, others, and nature.  Horses are sensitive, intuitive, social beings, who help to illuminate our patterns of relationship and behaviors by giving us immediate feedback.  Through relationship, they offer the opportunity to learn, grow, and heal.

Kerry is in private practice in and around Boulder, Colorado.  She supports individuals of all ages, couples, and families.  In addition, she facilitates Yoga with Horses workshops and therapeutic workshops in Colorado and Idaho.  Kerry holds a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, is a certified Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist, and trained in Somatic Experiencing.

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Explore the Wilderness Within

Camille Courtney is compelled to share her experiences and wisdom gained from her personal voyage from substance to significance.  In 2003 she found herself in a foreign country, with no friends, no horses and for the first time in her life – a  profound depression.  Having been a life long horsewoman, she sought answers from her horses.
Through the reading of the landmark book, Linda Kohanov's Tao of Equus, she realized that her horses had been telling her things for years, she just hadn't put a vocabulary to it. Thus started a fascination and passionate interest in equine facilitated learning. 
A founding member of the Equine Guide Education Association, member of E3, and frequent participant in EFL workshops and seminars, Camille combines her experience in management and motivation with her spiritual quest for insight and healing.

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Robin Davis is a lifelong horsewoman and owner/operator of Mustang Hollow, a holistic horse-keeping facility in northern Colorado. 

Her resume includes being a 4-H club leader and clinician, an apprenticeship with natural horsemanship trainer Leslie Desmond, showing in dressage, and a study of many holistic healing modalities. 

Robin loves to help horses and their humans be their best through a holistic approach to training and maintenance. 

Alongside of Tracy Vroom and Erin Wilson-Kaufman she has founded the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative and sponsors the annual Holistic Horse Affair

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Marie L. Delmarle, RDH, CRM, Cht, the founder of Heavens to Horses, is following her destiny, combining her talents as an intuitive healer with her life-long passion: harmoniously communicating with one of God’s noblest creatures – the horse.
To successfully incorporate her life’s passion into her life’s work, Marie completed her training and is now certified in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ through the Touched by a Horse™ Certification Program with Melisa Pearce.
She has also completed an intensive parent training program with Heather Forbes and the Beyond Consequences Institute.  This training is designed to help adoptive parents understand and implement the Beyond Consequences parenting model. 
Additionally Marie has more than 25 years in the healthcare industry.  She is a certified Reiki Master and teacher, highly proficient in this Japanese natural healing art that focuses on revitalizing the mind, body and spirit with positive energy.  She is also a certified hypnotherapist.

Marie believes that learning can best be achieved in a fun atmosphere where she, the client, and the horse can all relax and be themselves.  With her past participation in amateur improvisational comedy, clients can be sure Marie will keep everyone relaxed while learning together in a fun and caring environment.

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Angela Dunning is the Founder and Manager of Equine Reflections, a specialized EFL practice in England.

She is an Epona Approved Instructor in Equine Facilitated Learning, a life-long horse lover, a BHS approved riding instructor and gifted natural horsewoman.

Angela also holds a BA (Hons) degree in Peace Studies and a Postgraduate Qualification in Youth and Community Work and has many years experience of supporting people in distress and with emotional problems including trauma.

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Carolyn Eberle, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor and spiritual teacher, traveled the world studying meditation, body-centered psychotherapy, and energy healing. 

She is author of Explorer's Mind-The Map to Freedom and founded the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation that offers a 12-class Certification Program in learning how to take the energy of pain, illness and emotional challenge and transform it back into wholeness.

She also teaches Horse Initiated Psychotherapy (HIP) where the healer horse helps us humans.   She supervises healers, therapists, and in her private practice she works with individuals, couples, and groups.

She is a teacher graduate of the Barbara Brennan Healing Science School (6 years); Reiki II, Chi Kung, Healing Touch, EMDR, and has studied many body-centered psychotherapeutic, trauma, exercise and meditation modalities.

Carolyn is a pioneer and innovator.  Former D.C. policy advocate for the underprivileged, Carolyn has been researching and exploring the world of healing for over 20 years.

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Constance Funk is a lifelong lover of animals and all of creation and has been transformed by the intimate relationships she has made, discovering herself in the process.

She is the author of Beauty From Brokenness: Bits and Pieces of My Journey Into Wholeness and Holy as Thou: Bittersweet Tales About Remembering To Love.  Both books share stories from her life where these sacred relationships reveal the divine in All as One.

Connie has studied animal communication and companion animal facilitated growth and learning and her passion is working/playing with children and animals.

She is a mosaic artist who enjoys creating one-of-a kind equine themed pieces that are available from www.earthwindandhorses.com.   

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Passions, purpose, and the vision to align them. It is with these fundamentals that Kami Guildner founded Syzygy™ Consulting & Coaching.

Her experience of growing up in the Colorado mountains, streams, and the wide open plains on the back of a horse painted views of possibilities and potential.  Her deep understanding that nature, horses, and the spirit of the outdoors brings clarity, provides space to dream, and opens our eyes to views of worlds unseen before us, is grounded in Syzygy.  She knew she had a gift for finding purpose and the grit to get there.  She wanted to share this gift.  And with this, Syzygy was born.

Kami helps teams and executives uncover their passions and discover their uniqueness and purpose to guide them to an inspired future.  Her unique consulting and coaching agency, Syzygy, is grounded in the experience of stories, nature, passions, and the power of positive.  These experiences bring lasting change to leadership styles, organizational cultures, and open the new door for new visions.

Kami helps people uncover their passions and discover their purpose – guiding them to an inspired future.  Kami is a Certified Equine Guided Educator. 

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Joyce Leake is an internationally respected Animal/Interspecies Communicator and specialist in animal-human relationships.

She has been featured on all media and appeared for two years on a weekly prime time animal program for Japan’s Nippon TV.   She was the headliner for the Tokyo Pet Show, where due to her impressive Japanese fan base, completed the success for all corporate sponsors and promoters.  Her story has been featured in national and international magazines.  She is also the Animal Communicator of choice for South Korean pet enthusiasts.

Her work includes celebrities of both human and animal kind; from movie stars and musicians to iconic race horses, celebrity dogs and cats and an exceptionally gripping experience, a grieving elephant.  From her travels and experiences she has networked with other extraordinary individuals who enthusiastically share their knowledge through her innovative and one-of-a-kind membership website:  www.AnimalUniversity.com  

She and Dr. Vickie Wickhorst, Phd. co-authored 2 books, Decoding the Mystery of Interspecies Communication and a 104-page workbook, Communicating with Animals  – A Twenty-One Day Guide to Success.

Her desire to raise the bar is illustrated by her commitment with Animal University’s comprehensive, progressive 5 Levels to Interspecies Communication Certificate Program, teaching and mentoring the student from lay to professional, in the exploding field of animal-human relationship and communication.

Her other passion is helping others to reach a rewarding success in their holistic businesses.  She created the Trade Association for Animal Communicators and Other Holistic Practitioners.  Her complementary significant creation, The Reilly School of Business, teaches best current business practices to its members.   Business is changing every moment and helping the gifted and talented practitioner succeed is the goal of this new hall within Animal University.

For more information on Joyce and her work visit:

Or contact her directly:
303-621-2819, 303-243-1145

Juli Lynch, Ph.D is an Advanced Approved Epona instructor who now lives in Hayward, Wisconsin on a small horse ranch with her husband, horses, dogs and cats.
She’s the founder of Epala,™ an organization that offers clinics and trainings for individuals interested in the growing field of equine assisted personal development and equine assisted therapy.  Epala’s ™ mission is to transform the lives of people and horses through heartfelt leadership, connection, and respect.
Juli has been riding and showing horses for over 30 years.  She has competed in English, western, jumping, dressage and endurance.  She has had Quarterhorses, Thoroughbreds, Arabs, and Warmbloods and Miniatures. 

Juli has been teaching riding lessons since the 1980’s and integrates the work of Peggy Cummings and her Connected Riding® method as well as Sally Swift’s Centered Riding® method, and the Tellington Method® into her teaching.

Juli is also a writer. She is a contributing author in Horses as Teachers: The Path to Relationship and will release her new book – Who Am I with My Horse: The Personalities of Horsemanship spring of 2011.

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Cindi Marie McGrath
grew up in a rural suburb of the Twin Cities with brief but memorable experiences with horses; though none of her own.  After college and many years in corporate America, Cindi’s love of the outdoors, the forest, animals and water led her to Northwest Wisconsin.  An avid long distance trail runner, cross country skier, and kayaker, Cindi now can be found in the Chequamegon National Forest with her husband Chris, three Labs, a Rottweiler and Jewel, the beautiful black mare who is the inspiration of much of Cindi’s creative writing. 

Cindi and Jewel enjoy long trail rides together in sun, rain, or snow and Jewel has shown her that the soul of horses has always been with her, throughout all time.  So at 46 years old, a beautiful, black boss mare with a very old soul has come into Cindi’s life, brought her back on the path of horses and shown her that she is a gifted rider after only a few short months.  Cindi would seem new to horses in this life’s moment, but seemingly not in the many, many moments of other lives where she and horse were one.

Cindi can be reached at cmtrailrunner@gmail.com.  

Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., editor of this volume, is a relationship psychologist, dating coach, equine-inspired life coach, Reiki Master, and founder of the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch, in Parker, CO.  

Her passion is facilitating a unique form of Heart-Based Healing with Horses, called Equine-Inspired Inner Inquiry, to help people dissolve their deepest blocks to success and reclaim their Magnificence.
With her Whole-Hearted Horse & Rider programs, she also specializes in helping horse lovers create a magical connection with their horse that translates into skills for building fulfilling relationships in all arenas of life, creating success from the barn to the boardroom to the bedroom!
She’s also the creator of theHeart of the Horse Festival, an annual celebration of the Healing with Horses movement, featuring interactive adventures with horses for personal empowerment.
With a deep commitment to bringing horses & humans together in service of healing and spirituality, she’s also the organizer of the Equestrian Enlightenment Alliance, a website devoted to providing tools and wisdom for partnering with the spirit of horse for healing humanity.

She’s also the author of Awakening Unity with Horse, an e-book about the true spiritual connection between horses and humans, designed to deepen the reader’s spiritual journey with horse.
Lastly, she’s a featured expert on HorseTipDaily.com and HorsesintheMorning.com and her work as a Dating coach has been featured on local TV, international websites, and in national magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Redbook.
Ready to fast forward your journey with the heart of horse? Visit her YouTube Channel for video adventures: Holistic Healing Horse Ranch

For more info and free downloads visit:

Life coach and horse whisperer, Koelle Simpson, offers a new perspective on communication and trust development. She is honored to have received extraordinary educational experiences and opportunities with individuals who are working to have a positive impact on the world.

Her mission in life is to help others rebuild trust in themselves as well as their relationships with others and as a result unleash the powerful leader within each of us.

Koelle was a student of world-renowned equine trainer and best-selling author Monty Roberts, known as "The Horse Whisperer."  Koelle was given the opportunity to learn first hand from Mr. Roberts, conducting speaking engagements, workshops, demonstrations and partaking in touring events.  During this time Koelle helped troubled individuals and corporations to build trust and redefine their approach to communication using the non-verbal language of horses.

To further expand on her education, Koelle accepted the honor of apprenticeship with master life coach, best-selling author, and Oprah columnist, Dr. Martha Beck.  The time and training spent with Dr. Beck enabled Koelle to obtain a more thorough understanding of the parallels between helping a troubled horse and helping a troubled individual regain the directions to a great life.

Recently, she has developed new friendships at the Londolozi game preserve in the South African bush.  She is thrilled to have this special opportunity to visit the bush on a regular basis to enhance her understanding on Mother Nature's example of leadership, trust, balance and interspecies communication.

For more information, visit: http://koelleinc.com/

Tracy Vroom, CST, EBW, grew up on a farm in Iowa surrounded by animals of all kinds.  After receiving her BFA in fine arts from Iowa State University she went to New York City to pursue a publishing career for 15 years.  She left that world to follow her dream.  Today she loves sharing her work and making a difference in the lives of animals and their humans.

She has taught and studied with world-renowned pioneers in complementary and the holistic field.  Her blended approach integrates a broad range of certifications, including, craniosacral therapy; Equine Body Work (specialty in sports massage, biomechanics, and movement); the Tellington TTouch/TTEAM Training Method; Postural Rehabilitation; Shamanic healing and Reiki.  She maintains that animals have been her most profound teachers.

Tracy has created an extensive workshop program for visionary craniosacral therapy and shamanic healing work.  She also offers private sessions that honor the whole being – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

She is a frequently sought after subject expert, mentor, speaker, and educator.  She lectures at universities and private training facilities across the country.  She’s a published author.  She’s involved with the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative which provides educational and networking opportunities for equine practitioners and owners.  She serves on the board of directors for Zuma’s Rescue Ranch. 

She currently lives in Colorado with her horses, dogs, and cats.

For more information, please visit:

Sandra Wallin, MA has been learning from horses, in one way or another, her entire life, but it wasn’t until her horses Grace and Chiron arrived that her apprenticeship truly began.  Sandra claims Grace has taught her to be a better person and Chiron is teaching her to be a better horse, and as she learns, so she teaches, in her Equine Guided Development programs at Chiron’s Way.

Chiron’s Way
is located on a little piece of heaven some 40 minutes east of Vancouver, BC.  Here you’ll find programs that empower perspectives and accelerate personal and team growth.  Sandra often hears from her urban clients how much they appreciate the outdoor classroom.  That simply being on the land enables them to feel more connected to themselves, each other, and their learning.  As a lifelong learner herself, Sandra has had the privilege of studying with many leaders in the field of Equine Guided Learning and Wellness.  She is a Horse Conscious Teacher, an Epona Approved Instructor, and has Bachelor’s degrees in Science and Education, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.

Sandra is a Registered Clinical Counselor, an educator, and a presenter, who divides her professional time between a private practice, working as an educator/counselor in a local school district, and teaching Equine Guided Development and PSYCH-K®, locally and internationally.  Her clients range from middle school students to corporate executives and she currently sits on three national committees helping to develop guidelines for the ethical practice of Equine Facilitated Wellness in Canada.

Sandra is a certified PSYCH-K® Instructor, one of forty worldwide.  She became passionate about PSYCH-K® after a riding accident in May of 2008 left her unconscious and broken.  Unable to get out to her horses, she began to use, with herself, the processes she had been sharing with her clients. Her healing progressed exponentially.  As a result, Sandra now integrates PSYCH-K® with her equine practice, teaching students how to use their subconscious to become more horse conscious, and in turn, create and live the lives they’ve imagined, with their horses and beyond.

Sandra is a contributing author in Horse As Teacher: The Path to Relationship, the second book in The Horse As Teacher series.  She loved the writing process so much that she has begun working on a new book, under Grace’s kind tutelage.

To learn more about Chiron’s Way programs, or to sponsor a class in
your community, please contact Sandra at chironsway@shaw.ca or visit

Dela Whitaker currently works for the Department of Justice in Denver, Colorado and has been a long-time resident of the state.

She currently owns one horse and is an avid horsewoman.  As a horse enthusiast, she volunteers in the equine therapy community. Dakota, her eleven year-old quarter horse, is currently being developed for work in equine therapy.

At this time, Dela is focusing on developing her animal communication skills with all animals, specializing in horses.  She has owned several horses throughout her life and continues to pursue equine related interests, which have been a lifelong passion.

For more information, please email:

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