Wisdom Horse:
Accessing Your Wisdom Within with Horse
MP3 Guided Meditation

Has Horse been Whispering to You?
Wish you had an easy way to tune into the Wisdom of Horse?

Fortunately, the Wisdom of Horse is always just a breath away!

Discover a simple process to help you access the wisdom that horse wants to bestow upon you. Then use this easy technique to connect with horse for daily guidance, wisdom, inspiration, and healing!

This 14-minute, downloadable MP3 guided meditation was given to me by my horses who wanted to offer people a way to access their own space of Pregnant Possibility- the space where all of your heart's desires are possible.

According to Horse, when you learn how to still your mind and open your heart, Horse can enter and offer to you that which you most need to move ahead- reminding you of your own Wisdom Within!

How cool is that?!

This meditation is designed to give you an easy, yet powerful and effective tool to tune into your own Wisdom Within, while opening to the Wisdom that Horse wishes to offer to you.

Use it daily, weekly, or monthly to deepen your connection with your Higher Self and with Horse and to tune into the guidance that is waiting to lead you to your Heart's Desires!

It is priced at the low cost of only $3.33 because Horse wants everyone who sincerely desires to connect with them to have a ready pathway to join together for the greatest grace and ease on your journey.

Read more about where this Meditation process came from on our Equi-Heart Pledge blog, here: How to Tune into the Wisdom of Horse

YES! I'm ready to tune
into the Wisdom of Horse
to access my own Wisdom Within!

MP3 Guided Meditation


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