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If you've ever suspected that Horses have the power to heal you, body, mind, heart, and soul-then you' ve come to the right place!

Horses have a remarkable ability to help you transform on a Soul Level: mentally, emotionally, physcially, and spiritually. What's more, many horses on earth today have AGREED to help heal your heart, and stand waiting to assist you.

In fact, when you are ready, Horse can be your willing partner on a grand spiritual
adventure of awakening!

All the Support You Need to Deepen
your own Healing Journey with Horses!

Here, our mission is to give you all the tools you need to boost your partnership with Horse so you can gallop freely forward on your own magical, mystical healing journey to embody your Magnificence!

With our own unique combination of spiritual, psychological, energetic, and intuitive Healing with Horse, you can deepen your heart connection with both Earth and Spirit Horses to deeply transform your life, healing Sacred Wounds and recovering the Gifts of your True Essence so you can live your heart's desires with Power, Passion, Purpose, and Playfulness.

Has Horse Been Calling YOU?

If so, why are you waiting?! Take a look around, and see how the Heart and Soul of Horse wants to help you recall your Most Magnificent Self and embrace it to design the life of your dreams.

Feel free to peruse our selection of revoluntationary e-books, evolutionary guided healing meditations and free inspirational Equi-Heart Pledge videos and blogs, as well as our heart-felt offerings for phone and in person coaching with the Healing Horse and Spirit Herds, Equi-Quest personal healing retreats, and monthly Wisdom Horse Playhsops.

Join with the * Heart of Horse to Transform Your Life!

If you're craving a soul-ful, spirit-wise, heart-centered healing connection with Horse, then Horse invites you to connect more deeply in whatever way you feel called. Now is the time for bold and courageous action to reveal your True Self and your Higher Calling. And Horse has never been more ready to support you on your inner quest to Wholeness and Perfection.


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Spiritual Adventures with Horse:
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Has Horse been calling you to awaken to your true self? You're not alone! Go along for the ride as 17 authors share their own tales of adventure with horse, plus offer you tools you can use right now to
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The Journey Ride Meditation-
It's time to reclaim your Magnificence with a powerful 55 min guided healing journey with the energy of Horse!


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Blog Post: What's Waiting to be
Released in YOU?

Today was an important anniversary for me.

But actually I had no idea. No memory.

However, Serendipity, the head of our healing horse herd, knew. And she took it upon herself to remind me.

That’s often how healing opportunities present themselves- out of the blue.

What have Horses helped you release unexpectedly, please share on the blog!

Read more.


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